Anurag Kashyap & Ajay Bahl join forces for ‘Ugly 2’

Jeetesh Luhar



Anurag Kashyap is set to bring the sequel of his film ‘Ugly’ (2013). However, according to sources, Ajay Bahl will direct the film this time, with Kashyap continuing to serve as a co-producer in what could be the start of a popular franchise.

Rahul Bhat, who was also in the first film, has also been confirmed to appear again, reports Box Office Worldwide. Bhat himself was last seen in ‘Section 375’ (2019).

Bahl said recently in an interview, “I actually went to Anurag with script, a thriller which is dark and yet illuminated by a sense of immediacy and relevance. Anurag loved it. I wish I can tell you more about the story. All I can say is, it is nothing like anything seen I the genre of topical thrillers.”

The director added, “It was he who suggested that we make my screenplay as Ugly 2. While Anurag directed the first Ugly film I will direct the second.”

“I’m very excited about Ugly 2. I had loved the first film in 2013. I feel my script fits perfectly into the mood created by the first film,” Bahl concluded.

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