With a huge list of outstanding performances in three decades of cinema, actor Anuran Kher, is keen to give a hand at directing.

Like many B-town stars, Kher feels that he ought to try something new, however he is in no rush to start soon. “I would like to get into direction, but right now I am not mentally prepared to give one year of my life to a film. I am 100 percent thinking about it, but I have no idea when I will do it,” NDTV report the actor stating.

There is no doubt that Kher would do well in the area of direction. After so many years of acting experience as well as having his own acting school, Kher’s contribution to the Indian film industry is outstanding. He adds that he thrives to be different from others and perform on his own terms adding, “I am my own competition and I like to challenge myself and also there is an inner need to be different from the rest of the world.”

Well whenever Kher decides to get behind the camera, it’s certain that he’ll get all the support he needs to make a success.