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Anthony Rodrigues appointed first Rishi Modi Intern

The first intern of the Rishi Modi internship has been appointed Anthony Rodrigues, 22, a graduate from the University of York has been appointed as the first Rishi Modi Intern.

The Rishi Modi Internship will last for a three month period. The intern will be working on the production team of Talking Points with Keith Vaz, Lyca Radio’s flagship current affairs programme. The interns will learn all the basics of working in the media industry such as researching and contacting guest speakers to appear on the programme, drafting the script for the programme and learning how a current affairs programme works.

Rishi Modi was a radio presenter from Leicester who had previously hosted a breakfast programme on Sabras Radio and was well known among the South Asian community across the UK. Rishi recently passed away from Covid aged 35 while visiting his family in Kenya.

Anthony Rodrigues said, “I am delighted to have been selected as the first Rishi Modi intern, I look forward to having a splendid time learning the ropes of media broadcasting and communications, it will I am sure be a rollercoaster and I recommend this internship for anyone who has an interest in the media.”

Keith Vaz the programme presenter said, “This is a great way to remember a special talent and we look forward to developing the skills Anthony already has.”

A partnership with a number of universities is underway, many motivated students especially those studying media will have the exciting opportunity of working on Lyca Radio with the hope that they will use these skills as a Rishi Modi intern to begin their career in the media and journalism industry.