Anil Kapoor’s forthcoming film ‘AK vs AK’ almost complete

Shyama Sudra



Despite the lockdown forcing many projects to stay on hold, there are a few film makers who have been lucky enough to have been in a position to have continued with the production of their films throughout. Rumours have it one such project is the forthcoming Anil Kapoor starrer ‘AK vs AK’.

“The shoot of the film is more or less complete. The dubbing has been on as the film is slated to get onto a premiere on a digital platform soon. The genre of the film is quite like how the Steve Martin and Edddie Murphy film ‘Bowfinger’ (1999) was. ‘Bowfinger’ was about a filmmaker Bob ‘Bowfinger’ who gets Kit Ramsey to unknowingly work in his film. ‘AK vs AK’ also has Anurag Kashyap as the filmmaker while Anil Kapoor plays the role of the film star in the movie,” Box Office Worldwide reports a source stating.

Talking about how Kapoor prepared for the role, the source went on to add, “There are a lot of running and chase sequences in the film which requires Anil to be in top shape and that is one reason that apart from his gym routines, he has also been running hard on the race track for many months.”

The film tells the story of how a movie star’s daughter is kidnapped by a film maker, and how he unknowingly documents trying to find her.

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