Amrita Singh @ 60: As a mother in various shades


She is a dedicated mother to two children one of whom is Sara Ali Khan who is currently working on her debut film. Khan’s mother knows what it takes to work in the film industry as she also began her film career at a young age. Her first film was the romantic drama ‘Betaab’ (1983) which turned out to be a big hit. It wasn’t long before she got to work with the top stars of the industry such as Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty and Jeetendra.

This year on the 9th February Amrita Singh will be turning 60 years old. explores five of Singh’s films that see her play the role of a mother in various shades.

‘Rang’ (1993)

This 90’s film saw Singh play mother to Ayesha Jhulka and the late actress Divya Bharti. At the time Singh was quite young when she played the role of a mother however she still managed to pull the role off very well. Her character Indu was torn between her own desires and her mothers wishes, in the end all she wanted was her husband to take her home and live with her two daughters.

Paired opposite Jeetendra she did her role justice showing many different sides to her character. She was a tough business woman, an obedient daughter and a doting mother.

‘Flying Jatt’ (2016)

The story revolved around a young man who discovers that he has superpowers. At first he doesn’t know how to deal with this situation but with the help of his mother he learns to overcome his struggles.

Singh’s character was very excited at the thought that her son was a superhero but not for the fame, for the blessing he was given from the heavens. Her character was a strong minded woman who was proud of her religion and wanted her son to understand the meaning of his faith.

‘Kalyug’ (2005)
Singh played the role of a businesswoman named Simi Roy who spent very little time with her family and more on her business. She had two personalities one was the charitable Simi Roy who was sweet and naive in front of people but the other side of her was ruthless who cared little for peoples feelings and meant business. Her own daughter couldn’t stand her and did whatever she could to make her mother angry.

The film may not have done so well but Singh was appreciated for her performance, in fact she was nominated the IIFA Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role in 2006.

‘Dus Kahaniyaan’ (2007)

There were ten stories in the film and this particular story was called ‘Pooranmasi’ meaning full moon. Singh played the role of a woman named Mala who has a husband but he pays no attention to her whatsoever. If there is someone in her life who loves and cares for her, it is her daughter. Her daughter is only a guest for a few more days as she is to be married off very soon. One day Mala’s husband leaves home for a few days for his work while the mother and daughter spend time together.

In this time tragedy befalls the family when Mala (Singh) forgets that she is a mother and a wife and goes to meet a man she had once loved but couldn’t be with.

Singh played an interesting role that saw a mother not meaning to hurt her child but because of the way her husband treated her she ends up hurting her daughter. It is only later that she realises how much she has lost for a moment of happiness.

‘2 States’ (2014)

A proud mother who sees her son as her biggest achievement. Singh was a delight to watch on screen with her outspoken nature and her Punjabi one liners, the audience loved her. In her earlier films Singh had attempted to do comedy and she did very well at it. As time passed she explored other genres and experimented with her roles.

However it has to be said that comedy is something that Singh is very good at, this can be proved by the fact that she was nominated the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance as Mrs Kavita Malhotra in the film. wishes Amrita Singh a happy 60th birthday.

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