Amitabh Bachchan calls himself a rotten actor?


Despite being one top the worlds most appreciated and loved actors, Amitabh Bachcan has declared that he finds himself a rotten actor.

Having been rather analytical, Bachcan explains on his blogging site a certain mistake he made during the filming of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film ‘Black’ (2005). “I was asking about the fault in my performance, in that scene, and not the other factors. And here is what the fault was,��When I inform all at the table that Rani had dictated a letter to me to be read at the table, especially for her sister, whom it was believed she was jealous of, I took out the letter to read, and then my hand went straight to my upper pocket of the jacket to pull out the glasses to read… Mistake,” the actor states.

Discussing where the fault lies, Bachcan goes onto to add, “I needed to feel around in my other pockets to ascertain where my glasses were, instead of my hand directly going to the pocket. For someone who is soon getting into the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, where patients forget where and what they do, it was incorrect of me to go straight to my pocket.”

Despite it being a good 8 years after the movie released, Bachchan still isn’t happy with that particular performance, “Aah! still cringe every time I think of the mistake, or see it on replays! Damn! I am such a rotten actor.”

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