Amitabh Bachchan: “75 percent of my liver is gone”

Sahar Junejo


Amitabh Bachchan recently opened up about his health struggles, in the hopes of encouraging more people to take part in regular doctor checkups and testing.

At the launch event of NDTV’s ‘Banega Swasth India’ campaign, Bachchan shared, “I keep quoting my personal example all the time and try and propagate the idea of getting yourself detected and I don’t mind saying this publicly I am a tuberculosis survivor, hepatitis B survivor… Bad blood infusion went in and 75 percent of my liver is gone but because I was able to detect it even after a period of 20 years, when 75 percent of my liver is gone… I am still surviving on 25 percent.” The incident happened after he sustained serious injuries on the sets of ‘Coolie’ (1993) and required 60 units of blood, one of which was unfortunately contaminated.

He added that, “Then there is a cure. Even with tuberculosis… I did not know for almost 8 years I was suffering from tuberculosis. I keep saying that with immodesty if it can happen to me (it can happen) to anyone. Therefore if you are not willing to get yourself tested then you would never find out and there’s never going to be a cure for it,” DNA reported.

Bachchan is the campaign ambassador for ‘Banega Swasth India’. This initiative is focused on improving health and hygiene standards for people all over India.