Amit Trivedi: “I don’t think Salman Khan will remember to keep grudges”

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Following��the debacle regarding playback singer Arijit Singh’s open letter on his Facebook page to Salman Khan, all eyes were on the release of the album of the latter’s upcoming movie ‘Sultan’ on 31st May, specifically, to establish whether a song by the singer would feature on the soundtrack.

Speaking to��The Indian Express��about his view on the story, music composer and lyricist Amit Trivedi shared the following “I don’t know why that happened. I don’t know why Salman [Khan] would do that. I have no idea.”

As it has now surfaced that Singh’s voice would not feature in ‘Sultan’, the reality of the singer’s request has come to light and it appears Trivedi, who has given the music for upcoming film ‘Udta Punjab’, is showing faith in that the Bollywood superstar had little, or a lack of involvement in the decision. “He is known to be a generous guy. I don’t think he will remember or keep grudges in his mind for something that happened two years ago.”

Although the music director, who gave the background score for ‘Wake Up Sid'(2009), was sympathetic towards Singh, he said people in his position rarely have the final say in matters relating to retaining a particular singer’s voice in a movie. “These things keep happening. Keeping a singer’s voice is not the music director’s ultimate call. There are many people involved whose money rides on the film. It is their call ultimately.”

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