Alton Towers Asian gig ‘Nach Nach’ cancelled

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The upcoming Bank Holiday weekend Asian gig ‘Nach Nach – Rhythm & Ride’ has been cancelled.

The Staffordshire based theme park Alton Towers, where the much publicised event was going to take place, confirmed the news to today.

“Production issues” are being blamed for the cancellation, which would have resulted in severe technical problems on the day. In a statement to, Alton Towers said “…they [Reece] have been unable to confirm booking of essential technical elements, leading to the cancellation.”

Commenting on behalf of Alton Towers, Rebecca Farrer, Marketing Manager, said: “This is a huge disappointment for us and, we are sure, for those who have already booked. However, it has become increasingly apparent to us that the promotional company involved have not been able to secure some vital technical elements of the concert build, and so we would not have been able to stay within the terms of our entertainment licence had we allowed them to go ahead. We therefore have no choice but to cancel the event.

“We will be sending letters out to all those who have bought tickets directly from the park through our website or contact centre. We hope many of them will come anyway as the tickets are of course still valid for the whole day, but the letter will detail the options available. For those who have bought ticket vouchers from any other source, set up by Reece Productions, they should return to them for a refund, as we can take no responsibility for these sales.”

Organisers Reece Superior Events were unavailable for comment after numerous attempts made by

The event, which was scheduled for Sunday 26th August was expected to attract thousands of spectators.

The huge line-up of stars that were expected to appear at the event were Waris Punjab De brothers, B21, Jay Sean, Raghav, Shin DCS, Malkit Singh, Andy Abraham, Shola, Sadie Ama, Booty Luv, DJ Luck, MC Neat, amongst many others.

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