The brand new Punjabi channel from the ZEE camp titled

Alpha TV Punjabi has commenced testing their programmes

which are hidden and cannot be seen by viewers.

To tune the channel follow the instructions:

1. Services option on Sky Digi remote,

2. Option ‘4’ System Set Up,

3 Option ‘4’ Add Channels,

4. Type in the Frequency 11.973 V & Find Channels,

5. Select the label named “aapi”, press yellow and then


6. Once channel found, go to option Services on your Sky

Digi remote and then option saying “Other Channels”.

7. Find the label “aapi” and then view tests.

All you can currently see is the Alpha TV Punjabi EPG

programme data on the banner.

Please note no visual or sound can be experienced just

yet. Once visual tests begin they will be able to be

seen by all and not just ZEE viewers. Tests will

continue throughout this week. More soon.