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Alliance Advertising sells out advertising for PSL broadcast in the UK

After BizAsia revealed that Geo News will be airing this year’s Pakistan Super League, Alliance Advertising has announced that it has successfully sold out all advertising properties for the upcoming cricket event on behalf of Geo TV, in a record breaking time, just 15 minutes.

Mr Sajjad Shawl, Director of Alliance Advertising, expressed his excitement, stating, “We are delighted by the overwhelming response and the record-breaking speed at which all advertising properties for PSL were sold out in the UK. This accomplishment underscores the growing demand and enthusiasm for Pakistani cricket content among the diaspora in the UK.”

When asked about the rapid sales, Mr Shawl attributed it to the anticipation surrounding the return of PSL to UK screens after a three-year absence. He remarked, “The absence of PSL from Pakistani channels in the UK for the past three years has only heightened the anticipation among cricket lovers. With Geo TV’s commitment to broadcasting PSL in the UK in 2024, the demand for advertising slots surged, resulting in a swift sell-out within just 15 minutes.”

The broadcast of PSL on Geo TV in the UK signifies a turning point, as cricket enthusiasts will once again have access to high-quality cricket content, free of charge. Mr. Shawl emphasized the implications of this development, stating, “The broadcast of PSL on Geo TV in the UK not only caters to the avid cricket fanbase but also opens up new avenues for advertisers to engage with a diverse audience. This partnership between Geo TV and Alliance Advertising sets a precedent for the successful collaboration between media sales partners and broadcasters in delivering premium sports content to global audiences.”