Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

The Akshay Kumar-Farah Khan feud was quite the talk of town post the release of Shirish Kunder۪s Joker۪ (2012). However, if recent reports are to be believed, the actor and filmmaker have sorted out their differences and are once again on friendly terms.

Earlier this week, the stars were witnessed at Hotel Westin for a pool party their children were invited to. A source who was also present said that Kumar and Khan were both seen hugging and talking to each other as though all was well. Akshay and Farah hated each other and we never thought that we would see them talking to each other ever, especially after their ugly fight during Joker۪. But all is well we guess,۝ the source revealed to Absolute India.

Khan had directed the actor in Tees Maar Khan۪ (2010), which failed to impress at the box office. After which, the actor teamed up with her husband, Shirish Kunder, for Joker۪. It was when Kumar refused to promote Joker۪, as the film apparently did not turn out the way he had expected, which led to the infamous feud between him and Farah Khan.

The recent developments could possibly suggest that a professional reunion may be on the cards.

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By, Manpreet Bhandal.