Alia Bhatt on the toughest part of ‘Raazi’ character


In the upcoming ‘Raazi’, Alia Bhatt plays a dutiful daughter who is also an Indian spy in Pakistan. With the trailer releasing in just a few hours, the actress reveals what the hardest part of playing Sehmat was.

Bhatt, talking in a interview with TOI, said, “The guilt that Sehmat feels as a wife was the toughest to portray. There were these points in the script where Meghna wrote, ‘Sehmat gives a knowing look’. I used to wonder what it means. We used to giggle about it, but when she explained it to me, I realised what she meant. Sehmat is around so many people, and she’s seeing and hearing so many things. She cleverly camouflages her true feelings with fake reactions that will go well with the people around her at that point. I wondered how I would give ‘that look’. Portraying a spy in the garb of a wife was difficult.”

Talking about how relevant the story is today, despite being set in 1971, Bhatt also commented, “The fact that it’s a true story will make it relevant whenever it’s told. I also believe that whatever time you choose to tell a good story, it will have the same impact. Whether it’s told today, or it was told in 1971, or even 10 years from now, a story like this will still find its way into people’s hearts. It’s important for people to know what happened. It will stir them emotionally. The trailer, and eventually the film, will be relevant in every country across the world. Everyone feels the same for their motherland. It doesn’t matter which nation you belong to, you will still love your country the way Sehmat loved hers, and I love mine. It’s like the love you feel for a person, which means the same to everyone all over the world. I wish everyone, all over the subcontinent and the world, watches the trailer and the film, because I think everyone will relate with the core emotion in ‘Raazi’.”

‘Raazi’ also stars Vicky Kaushal and is slated for release on 11th May.

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