Alia Bhatt making it on her own

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Alia Bhatt didn't want father to launch her
Alia Bhatt didn't want father to launch her

One would think that being the daughter of a very successful and respected filmmaker, it would not be difficult to be launched in the industry by just being flagged under her father’s name. However Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, Alia, had a different idea.

Making her debut in the upcoming Karan Johar film ‘Student of the Year’, ��Hindustan Times��reported��daughter Bhatt speaking to the media of how she didn’t want to be launched under her father’s banner but wanted��start her career on her own.

And what a great way to debut than to be launched in a film made by one of Bollywood’s��highest grossing filmmakers,��Bhat said,�ʉ��In addition to losing weight and grooming myself in a way that I would be accepted (in the film industry), I also had to audition for the role.�۝

Produced by Dharma Productions and Red Hot Chillies Entertainment and directed by Johar, ‘Student of the Year’ is due to release sometime this year with a whole host of newcomers including Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan.