Ali Abbas Zafar still close to Priyanka Chopra despite walking out of ‘Bharat’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


After Priyanka Chopra surprisingly walked out of Ali Abbas Zafar’s ‘Bharat’ last year, it was rumoured that things had turned frosty between the actress and the filmmaker.

However, Zafar has denied the rumours saying that he is still cordial with the international star. He was cited in The Asian Age saying, “There was no stress. Nothing was going on in my head when that happened. One good thing which has happened with me is that after working with Salman, I have started managing my stress very nicely because he gives that to me everyday.”

Chopra opted out of ‘Bharat’ as one of the film’s shooting schedule clashed with her wedding preparations. He added, “She had a genuine reason. She was going through something very special in her personal life. It was affecting our dates. If we would have accommodated her into the film, it wouldn’t be releasing on Eid this year.”

He added, “Priyanka understood it and we understood her. We thought we will collaborate again in some other film. It was all very happy. Priyanka and I are very close friends even now. We text, we talk all the time. I haven’t asked her if she has seen the trailer, I’m sure she must’ve.”