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Akshay & Priyanka’s unreleased song from ‘Barsaat’ to release soon

Filmmaker Suneel Darshan has revealed that an unreleased song from the film ‘Barsaat’ (2005) starring Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Bipasha Basu, is set to be released soon.

Darshan revealed that the film, which was initially due to star Akshay Kumar was partly filmed with the actor. However, he left the project due to “family reasons”. Reports say that Kumar had received a warning from wife Twinkle Khanna to not to work with Chopra Jonas due to rumours of an “affair”.

Darshan said, “Akshay Kumar went through a personal dilemma. We started shooting with Akshay and Priyanka. We shot a song with them. After that, the film kept getting delayed as Akshay had to sort out his (family) problems. It was a grave domestic issue for Akshay. Otherwise, he’d have never walked out of the film. He couldn’t have let me down after the way I’ve stood by him over the years.”

“The provocation had to be very serious. When a filmmaker invests so much in a film, he’s within his rights to expect loyalty from his actors. But then personal dilemmas have to be sorted out before professional loyalties are considered… I don’t blame Akshay for anything. But yes, firstly he insisted that I sign no actor but him. Then he drops out. Thank God Bobby bailed me out. Someday I’ll edit the song I shot with Akshay in Barsaat and use it somewhere,” Darshan added.

Kumar and Chopa Jonas have not worked together since.