Akshay Kumar unveils flagship Force IX store in Mumbai

Azha Khan



Megastar Akshay Kumar has unveiled the highly anticipated Force IX store, ahead of its official launch. The store, located in Mumbai’s Khar district, promises to be a unique and dynamic shopping destination, blending versatility, style and comfort seamlessly for men and women.

Launched to break the conventional norms of modern-day fashion, Force IX is a brand engineered with emotion, embodying strength, resilience, and determination, attributes that Akshay Kumar himself personifies both on and off the screen.

Speaking about the brand’s vision Akshay Kumar, Co-Founder of Force IX, says, “My definition and understanding of fashion is very simple. For me, fashion is when I get to be myself – comfortable in my skin and confident in what I wear. The whole idea behind Force IX was to make it a brand that caters to style and comfort.

“When we started working on this brand, little did we know that this would become such a significant part of us. Each and every member of our team has worked on it with so much sincerity, passion, and love. Their hard work will be seen in the littlest of details in our garments.”