Akshay Kumar shares film-making success

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor



For many, Akshay Kumar is the perfect action hero. For others, he may even be the perfect comedian. However, what most may not instantly associate him with is film-making which he does under both Hari Om Productions and Grazing Goat. The 44-year-old��shares his tips for definite success as a film-maker.

“I have a very simple solution – make your films, because when you make your film you will not include your remuneration and it takes off the burden from a film,” Kumar said in a recent interview, as reported by the Times of India. He went on to say that he pays his films’ writers well and advises that writers��could ask for a cut of the overall profit of a film��instead of complaining that they don’t get their due in the industry.

Kumar went on to say that he believes profit-sharing is the way forward. He says neither an actor or producer��can preempt��how a film will do at the box office so it is always a difficult task agreeing on��renumeration.

‘Rowdy Rathore’ will see Kumar return to action flicks. On this topic, Kumar revealed, “…When I did my first action film ‘Rowdy Rathore’ after six years, I chose to do raw action. I believe in manpower and not technological power.”