Akshay Kumar says Badminton great to burn calories


Akshay Kumar Patiala House

Akshay Kumar, who is the brand ambassador of PBL (Premier Badminton League), has started promoting the sport. Kumar said that he will give his level best and will tell everyone to play the celebrated game.

Kumar, who always has a love corner for outdoor games, has said that in spite of Cricket, other sports also should be promoted in the country. He told Hindustan Times, “Our country is coming up in a lot of sports, many of which need a boost. Cricket is a great game. It is like a religion. We want to popularize other sports as well. When I realized about this league and that it needed a revamp, I thought I would associate myself with it,”

Kumar finds Badminton a good calorie-burning sport. “It is a great game for burning calories. Badminton burns calories fast because you have to be quick and agile while playing it. It is a sport that needs a lot of reflex action. The shuttlecock travels at around 399 km per hour. On the contrary, in cricket, the balls travel at an average speed of 140 km per hour. So, you can imagine how quick one needs to be while playing badminton.”

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