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In light of the increase of reported attacks on women, Akshay Kumar had opened up a campaign to raise awareness for women to get involved in self-defence classes. The organisation in which the classes are run by was opened up by Kumar, and news has it that the government have decided to open up these classes for the girls that attend public schools.

According toMumbai Mirror, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had issued a report to all registered secondary schools, to give the girls 45 minute lessons in self-defence. When he heard the news, Kumar was over the moon. “This has been a dream come true for me. Given the times that we live in, self-defence is an important skill to have and should be made compulsory for girls in every school. I congratulate the CBSE Chairman, Seshu Kumar, for making this happen,” he was reported expressing.

Kumar has always been an advocate for the protection of women, and though this is a good step for the government to make, Kumar still feels that there is more to do. “Self-defence is important for one’s safety and I will continue to promote it diligently till it’s implemented everywhere,” he said.

Kumar opened up self-defence schools five years ago and have since had around 7000 girls complete their courses.

Talking about how the schools and classes work, Kumar explained, “I don’t personally train them, those who have learnt from me are the ones who teach them regularly. I make sure to visit the school ever so often, definitely on graduation day. It’s a proud day for me that I wouldn’t want to miss.”

Looking athis own training, the actor (who is a martial artist himself)I started practising the art when I was around eight or nine years old and I understand the importance of discipline and self-defence.”

Here’s hoping Kumar’s campaign continues to progress to new heights.

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