The Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Padman’ as we all know, will be bring the subject of menstrual hygiene to the forefront in the film and due to this they have been able to obtain filming rights at the United Nations (UN).

Reported on Mid-day, with such an important topic being highlighted, ‘Padman’ will become the second Hindi film to be granted the opportunity to film at the UN. A close source from the production team shares that they will be flying out to Manhattan, New York to commence shooting of the final sequence. “We procured permissions to shoot a few days ago. This is the second Hindi film, after Half Girlfriend, to be shot there,” an insider says. The unit will utilize the opportunity to film the climax scene at the venue. “The scene will mostly showcase the protagonist delivering an emotional lecture at a UN event. The pivotal subject was reason enough for authorities to readily come on board at a short notice.”

A strict ban on mobile phones has been put in place whilst they are shooting and they have only been allocated six hours each day for shooting over the two week period.

Sonam Kapoor who is also in the film will be accompanying Kumar on this trip.

‘Padman’ releases in January.