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With ‘Good Newwz’, Akshay Kumar is marking yet another comedy film which promises to be a laugh riot. Joining him this time is Diljit Dosanjh, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kiara Advani, and the film is directed by Raj Mehta and is a Dharma Productions venture. Kumar is known very well for his comedies and the trailer shows off his on-screen chemistry with all three of his co-stars. caught up with Kumar before the release of the film this Friday.

What made you do ‘Good Newwz’?
‘Good Newwz’ is such a well-rounded balance of comedy, romance and drama along with heart and soul, a mix that I think everyone loves to enjoy especially around Christmas & New Year, when the focus is on family and loved ones. In ‘Good Newwz’, I play a character called Varun Batra. He’s a big city guy, who until now has been busy chasing his career and ambitions. But finally he has to focus on expanding his family and IVF comes to the rescue and a goof-up ensues. One of the main reasons for doing this film was the innovative subject and the film’s treatment. Also the character, the dialogues, the dream team cast, my director Raj’s belief and conviction about the story, Dharma’s muscle behind the project… all are major plus points but the story of ‘Good Newwz’ is king!

IVF is usually a serious subject in cinema but ‘Good Newwz’ is a comedy. What do you think makes this an interesting “twist”?
Whilst ‘Good Newwz’ is essentially good wholesome entertainment and comedy, I feel we have dealt with the subject of IVF sensitively. The message that ‘Good Newwz’ is presenting is refreshingly different. We want to show a journey of two families undergoing IVF treatment through a comedic lens and despite the goof up we hope through the film’s treatment the message reaches out to many Indian families about family, love & the miracle of life. The entertainment/comedic quotient will make the film appeal to the masses.

Do you think the subject requires extra sensitivity due to the comedy aspect?
The comedy isn’t forced, it comes from the screenplay, the characters and the situations. It’s all naturally there. ‘Good Newwz’ also is a heart-warming romantic drama. It’s a really lovely film which has an endearing message relating to life and how miraculous it is.

You’re working with Kareena Kapoor Khan again after a number of successful movies. What was your experience this time?
Bebo is fabulous at everything she does – even when she goofs up, she’s enigmatic. With one click from the clap she switches from mother, friend & co-star into a professional queen of cinema, I know fans have been waiting for us to reunite, & this film couldn’t be more perfect for both of us right now!

The camaraderie between you and Diljit Dosanjh seems evident from the trailer. How would describe how you gelled during the making of this film?
What can I say, Diljit is probably the funniest recluse I’ve ever met, he’s so quiet until you chat in Punjabi with him and then the most wonderful human jumps out before you. But I must say, what comic timing he has, I thoroughly enjoyed every scene with him, we could make each other laugh all day long, his innocence is so endearing. He might be shy but roll the camera & he just comes alive.

You’ve had a number of releases this year, all of which have fared well. What are your hopes for ‘Good Newwz’ in terms of audience appreciation?
‘Good Newwz’ is unlike anything I have done before and I have a habit of trying my hand with a bunch of un-attempted storylines – whether its about open defecation, menstruation or sending a rocket to Mars! (laughs) As always, I hope my fans and their prayers support me as the man I am today is only because of my family’s blessings and the immense support, love and adulation of my fans. I hope they love this film as much as we have loved making and being a part of it. would like to thank Akshay Kumar for talking to us. ‘Good Newwz’ releases on 27th December, distributed by Zee Studios International.