Akshay Kumar flies back to India from UK to be with unwell mother

BizAsia Correspondent



Akshay Kumar has forced to cut short his trip in the UK to be with his unwell mother back in Mumbai.

Hindustan Times reports that his mother Aruna Bhatia’s health has deteriorated. She is currently in the ICU at Mumbai’s Hirandani Hospital.

A source told the publication, “The actor’s mom has been unwell for a few days and is in the ICU at Mumbai’s Hiranandani Hospital. Akshay is extremely attached to his mother and could not stay away from her while she’s not well, so he decided to fly back to India in a sudden decision.”

“Even as he has flown back to be with mom, he has told his producers to carry on shooting with scenes that do not require his presence. All other work commitments of his also continue. He has always believed that work must go on, despite any personal challenges,” the source added.

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