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Ajay Devgn’s ‘Maidaan’ premieres on Prime Video

Ajay Devgn’s much-anticipated football drama ‘Maidaan’ has premiered on Prime Video. The film narrates the true story of Syed Abdul Rahim, the visionary coach who significantly shaped modern Indian football and led the national team for over a decade.

Prime Video released a statement highlighting the film’s impact, “Maidaan has been appreciated for its powerful storytelling and its depiction of the golden era of Indian football, striking a chord with audiences. The film’s compelling storyline, anchored by exceptional performances from Ajay Devgn and the talented ensemble, alongside its meticulous attention to historical moments have all contributed to its critical success. Maidaan exemplifies our ongoing commitment to delivering compelling and inspiring Indian stories, and we are very excited to share this critically acclaimed film with a global audience.”

The film has garnered praise for its engaging narrative and historical authenticity, solidifying its place as a significant contribution to Indian cinema.