Ajay Devgn will only do films he can show his children

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Ajay Devgn

Throughout his career, lasting over two decades, Ajay Devgn has dabbled in films of many genres. ��The actor says he would never repeat the mistake of doing a film like David Dhawan’s ‘Rascals’ (2011) again and would only do films which he can comfortably show his children.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Devgn said,��”I had made a clear-cut statement after Rascals that I will never do a film like this again. Why do a film that I cannot show my children?”

However, while he will make sure films he does are suitable for his children to view, he does feel the Indian censor board are slightly too strict.

“I have never had a problem with the Censors, but there are some things that I clearly don’t agree with. Nonetheless, I follow everything to the T. There are particular guidelines about what a character can and cannot do on screen, but if he smokes, he smokes. You want a statutory warning, we will run the film with one,” the actor added.

Devgn was last seen in ‘Drishyam’ (2015) and is currently working on a number of forthcoming projects, including a sequel to ‘Son Of Sardaar’ (2012).

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