Ajay Devgn on Salman & Aamir having no ego issues

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Ajay Devgn has refuted rumours that his industry friends Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have ego issues.

Comparing the current crop of stars to some of the elders, Devgn was cited in Mid-Day saying, “The newer generation of audiences are not loyal to anybody. We have been lucky that a segment of the public has been loyal to us for the past 25 years. So we have that plus point. But otherwise, they will only go and watch the film that they feel they’ll understand.”

He added, “I feel that the aura of the star is dying. I liked the mystery that came with being a star, I still do. But today, there is so much exposure. Say, if one is not active on the social media, they may start feeling insecure seeing others doing it. They may feel the pressure.”

In the same interview, Devgn said there were no ego clashes with other stars when he first started in the industry, “I have worked with Salman, Aamir and other heroes. All of us used to work together and there were no ego problems. Nobody was insecure about what the other person was doing. Earlier, we used to have Golmaal-like fun atmosphere on the set of every film. Today, you can’t expect to have that. Maybe the newer generation has that problem.”