Ajay Devgn on delving into digital world with ‘Tribhanga’

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Ajay Devgn Films has taken on ‘Tribhanga’ which is their first online streaming project. Ajay Devgn has recently spoken about this and how much he’s involved a a producer on the series, which stars wife Kajol among others.

“Tribhanga is a story of three women who live in the same household but belong to different generations. Given the universal nature of the story, we wanted to tell it as a film. When my team and co-producer Banijay Asia got on board with Netflix, we were excited that we could tell this story in a much more nuanced manner and with the highest production standards possible and reach a wider audience,” said Devgn, talking to Box Office India.

Acout associating with Netflix, Devgn also added, “Netflix is an amazing partner. What they have done to democratise content or stories worldwide is wonderful. We are excited to work with them on Tribhanga.”

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