Ajay Devgn looking forward to dancing in ‘Action Jackson’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Action Jackson poster 340x

Ajay Devgn has said that he is keen on shaking his leg for Prabhu Deva’s upcoming film ‘Action Jackson’.

The trailer, which released earlier this week, features Devgn doing some slick dance moves.

Talking to a tabloid, Devgn said, “The kind of style Prabhudeva presented in Action Jackson is a new stuff and am happy to be a part of this film. This is the first time in my career when I did rehearsals before my dance performance in the film. I think Prabhudeva is also a director who knows an actor’s plus point and keeping that point he has utilised my dance talent and gave it a new look. It was fun and I have given my best. Now the audience will decide.”

‘Action Jackson’, which also stars Sonakshi Sinha, releases on 5th December at cinemas.