Ajay Devgn irked by KJo-Salman & Akshay film?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Ajay Devgn - Shivaay

Karan Johar took everyone by surprise yesterday when he announced a collaboration with Salman Khan Films, starring Akshay Kumar.

DNA India reports that the huge film releasing next year, is said to be about Kumar’s character, who plays Havaldar Ishar Singh, set during the Battle Of Saragarhi. Incidentally, Devgn is also playing the same Sikh character for his own film ‘Sardar Battle Of Saragarhi’, which was announced last year.

Reports say that Devgn will not be impressed at hearing the news. However, with his last film ‘Shivaay’ not doing so well at the box office, it remains to be seen if Devgn will be doing his version of the film, which requires a huge budget. It will be interesting to get Devgn’s take on the news that Johar and Devgn’s good friend, Salman are doing a film based on the same theme as his.

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