Ajay Devgn admits dearth of good scripts after ‘Action Jackson’ response

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Action Jackson Ajay Devgn

With the mediocre success of ‘Action Jackson’, Ajay Devgn has admitted that there is a dearth of good scripts in Bollywood.

In a Hindustan Times report, the actor said ‘Zakhm’ and ‘The Legend Of Bhagrat Singh’ were the best films of his career but he no longer gets such stories.

He said, “There is a dearth of good scripts today. People do not write such scripts either they don’t want to or they can’t. We have talent but we are not utilising it. It’s been long that I have got any such script.”

He added that films these days are mostly driven on commercial considerations and a huge amount of promotion.

“Cinema has become commercial and it’s necessary too promote films because budgets have become higher. There are many risks involved today in the filmmaking business. Nobody wants to take any chance with their own money. So, people promote their films in the best possible way and the films do good business. It’s like hit-and-run case.

Create buzz about it so much that people realise it only on Monday morning that it wasn’t worth watching,” he said.