Ahwaan Kumar on people excited about ‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya’


Actor Ahwaan Kumar is part of Ravindra Gautam’s ‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2’ and loves the project. The actor says that the title of the project is what makes it unique. “People are eager to know what does Kaal Bhairav mean, as people worship Kaal Bharav. Everyone wants to know what is the ‘Rahasya’ (Secret). I think it is a nice marketing strategy, the name is so unique that people want to know what will the show be about. I am sure that this is the reason why people watch Kaal Bhairav. Many people don’t know exactly what is the meaning of Kaal Bhairav, so even that will be the reason people will like to watch it. I love the title, it’s perfect,” he says.

Talking about his character, Ahwaan says, “My character is positive and is a very obedient guy. He is basically the CEO of the palace and manages accounts, takes care of the housemates and does almost everything. The elder brother of the family, Yash (Siddhant Karnik) is a good friend of mine as we have done our schooling together. As I don’t have my family, he has allowed me to stay at their place and has even given me a job to manage everything in the palace, so that’s the reason I am very obedient to everyone. If there is any problem in the family, I will be the one who will try to tackle it.”

The actor can really associate with his character. “I totally relate to my character as I am a very obedient person in real life as well. I do things what my parents tell me to do, I never disobey them. I am the guy who would always be there for his friends even if it is 2 am, so my character is the same as I am in real life,” he says.

The actor is confident that the show will do well. “My expectations are very high as last year it was a new show, on a new channel though it worked really well, the TRP of the first episode itself was 1.3. That was quite a surprise for us. So, the expectations of season 2 are really high because of that. I was a part of the previous season as well so I know the positive response we got from people. People have a lot of expectations from us. The second season is also being made on a larger scale, even the promotions are done on a larger scale, the actors, set and everything is very grand, so expectations are definitely high,” he says.

Talking about working with producer/director Ravindra Gautam, he says, “I am working with him for the first time. It is such a good experience working with him. He is such a down to earth person, he is always ready to help us on the set. He comes and helps us instead of sending an assistant. I really feel nice and positive when he is on the set. He never even shouts on set as normally I have seen many directors who get hyper if anything goes wrong. But he is totally different, he is very calm and humble.”

‘Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2’ launches on Star Bharat on Tuesday 20th November at 19:00 (India) and 21:30 (UK).

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