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After ‘Ghost Stories’ Karan Johar will not direct another horror film again

Following his latest digital production ‘Ghost Stories’ (2020) on Netflix, Karan Johar has said it is necessary for filmmakers to step out of their comfort zones and try different avenues such as digital platforms, which in turn can empower cinema content.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Johar shared what he finds fascinating about the digital space, “For storytellers and content creators, it’s a Renaissance period. The digital space is just exploding, and tremendous content is coming out on various platforms. The web is empowering writers, and I’m glad because we needed to be empowered. Web content is driven by writers, and the moment they’re empowered, they’re more motivated, and therefore, are writing even better feature films. So, this explosion digitally has also empowered content in cinema.”

The ‘Kalank’ (2019) director who has made a multitude of films covering an array of genres, has never produced a horror film. So when asked how he personally connected with ‘Ghost Stories’ (2020), Johar was quite clear this would be the first and last time he would make a horror film, “Horror and I don’t connect at all, and very honestly, they’ll not happen again. This is my first and only horror story that I’ve made for Netflix. It’s not a genre that I enjoy watching, so why should I enjoy making it?”

Asked if it became a challenge for him because of that very reason, Johar answered, “Yes, because I felt like this gives me the ability to be out of my comfort zone and tell a story being uncomfortable. I think every filmmaker should be, at one point, uncomfortable to tell a story because that challenges their core directorial spirit. So, making this horror anthology has been the most challenging schedule in my 21-year-long journey.”

The ‘Lust Stories’ (2018) director also explained why anthology stories wouldn’t work in cinema, “It’s a format much attuned for the digital zone because we, in cinema, are very used to the syntax of storytelling — an escalated drama, a mid-point where you come out, chat about it and go back. Here, we have four narratives, four stories that start and stop one after the other that you’re more likely to watch in your private space. What’s great about anthology is that it gets you to chat about each film and also you compare them with each other.”

On the work front Johar is still celebrating the success of his last film ‘Good Newzz’ (2019), and will be looking forward to ‘Brahmastra’ releasing later this year.