Advertisers to launch ‘fast-forward commercials’


Advertisers are creating special commercials designed to be viewed at up to 12 times normal speed.

The advertisements are a response to consumers’ growing love of digital video recorders, such as Sky+, which allow viewers to fast-forward the advertisements in recorded television programmes.

Advertisers are so concerned that their expensive messages may be missed by viewers that they are redesigning commercials so that viewers get the gist even if they watch at high speed.

Deloitte advertising agency came up with the idea after advertisers became concerned that their commercials were being missed.

Paul Lee, director of technology, media and telecoms at Deloitte, said the new breed of advertisements features more lingering shots of brands and logos, and stars well-known “characters”, such as Alexandr Orlov, the meerkat from the Compare the Market campaign.

Mr Lee said people who watch in fast-forward actually pay more attention than those watching at regular speed. “When people are fast forwarding, they are actually paying closer attention because they want to ensure they do not miss the resumption of the TV show,” he said.

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