Adnan Kapadia leaves ARY Digital UK


ARY Digital UK and Europe’s Adnan Kapadia will be leaving after seven years at the popular Pakistani TV network.

Adnan joined ARY Jewelers in London during January 2003 in the retail wing and worked at the three branches in London. In June 2004, he was promoted to the position of store manager for ARY Jewelers retail shop in Alperton.

In October 2005, Adnan was appointed as an Assistant Manager for European Operations at ARY Digital UK. During his time back then he dealt with agents and dealers who were responsible for subscription sales.

Since August 2008, Adnan has been overseeing operations at the channel including programming, sales and dealing with Ofcom legislations.

Adnan said, “I would like to thank all those people who worked with me, whether it was my colleagues at ARY or the partner channels. I would especially like to thank the now CEO of ARY Digital UK, Mr. Fayaz Ghafoor for supporting me throughout the time we worked together. Normally when you leave an organisation while you are responsible for a lot of significant departments, you are asked to review your decision, but here my idea of starting my own business was supported by the senior management, which is very encouraging for me.”

Adnan will be starting his own company soon called Sixth Sky Ltd, a venture that he is starting up with a group of friends.

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