Aditya Pittie on the launch of Ishara: “We’ve positioned it as a celebration of life”

Lakh Baddhan

Senior Editor


IN10 Media Network has entered the Hindi General Entertainment market with new channel, Ishara. caught up with Aditya Pittie, Managing Director, IN10 Media Network, to find out more about the new offering.

Congrats on the launch of Ishara, how did the idea of the channel come about?

As part of our broader objective for building a broadcast business, we want to be in genres that enjoy large market shares. GEC being the one with the largest share in the industry, it was an obvious step for us to take to realize our overall objective.

In the saturated Hindi GEC genre, how will Ishara stand out from rivals?

The overall viewership in the country is growing as the number of people who are watching TV grows year-on-year. A large part of that growth comes from the GEC, and while it already enjoys a big share of the pie and sees tough competition, it’s also the fastest-growing. We think there is still an opportunity to get a share of that market.

Our USP is that we’ve positioned the channel as a celebration of life and as a progressive and positive brand. We want to showcase something that is deeply rooted in Indian values but also resonates with today’s audience.

Ishara has a mixture of fiction, thrillers and crime shows, tell us more about the program mix?

Our programming strategy is straightforward. We will offer our audience mythology, drama, crime, love stories, and much more. Ishara will cater to the GEC TV audiences and satiate their tastes in every genre.

Are you planning to launch Ishara in international markets like the UK?

It’s too early to say right away. We want to focus on the Indian market as of now.

Final word?

Ishara has launched and I hope the audience will enjoy it!