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Aditya Dhar: “Vicky Kaushal will remain my first choice for all my films”

Director Aditya Dhar is working on his next ‘The Immortal Ashwatthama’ and his ‘Uri’ (2019) lead Vicky Kaushal will be starring in this film as well. Dhar is always looking to work with fantastic and hardworking actors and Kaushal will always be his first choice.

To TOI, Dhar revealed, “My criteria is simple, I require fantastic actors who are ready to give their best and are easy to work with. I don’t like people with a lot of baggage and rather those who are simple and straightforward and their agenda is to make a brilliant film. If my priority is ‘Ashwatthama’, my actor’s priority should also be ‘Ashwatthama’. Vicky fits the character, it was a no-brainer for me because when he is doing a project then nothing else matters to me, he will give his blood and sweat for it, he did that with ‘Uri..’. And he will remain my first choice for all my films.”

Dhar has yet to cast for other roles in the film. Stay with for the latest.