Aditi Rao Hydari on recent string of flops


Aditi Rao Hydari commenced her Bollywood journey seven years ago however she is yet to experience commercial success. Working with notable actors and filmmakers in films such as ‘Delhi 6’ (2008), ‘Rockstar’ (2011) and ‘Wazir’ (2016) created better opportunities for Hydari, but her projects in the Hindi film industry have mostly failed to have an impact on the box-office.

Hindustan Times reports Hydari saying that, “Things like failure, rejections etc do cross my mind”, but she makes it a point to not ponder on them for long, as she believes that there’s no point wasting time thinking over something that didn’t work out.

“There will be a fleeting regret or a fleeting thought over a role that I lost out on but this feeling passes by very quickly. I actually feel there are so many people who struggle to do good work here [in the film industry]. Forget good work, just work. There are various reasons that are not in your control. Maybe, I didn’t know the people or I didn’t even know the project was happening or I didn’t have the right backing, so I can’t always look back and sulk,” said Hydari, who featured in the recent Sanjay Dutt starrer, ‘Bhoomi’ (2017), as his on-screen daughter.

Awaiting her next release, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ (now titled ‘Padmavat’), Hydari reflected on her filmography in Hindi cinema. “It takes time to build that versatility, get parts you want to play onscreen and work with people you want to work with. But, it’s all a process. You have to take it in your stride and take one step at a time. The point is to be a lambi race ka ghoda (have an impressive long run),” she said.

“I’ve built this all up from knowing nothing and being a nobody, not even having any PR team of my own. I was on my little own self, literally. I come from quite a protective space and continue to be naive. But then, you sort of learn, though I really do protect that five-year-old self inside me because I don’t want to become bitter or crib about stuff. So, I make it a point to always look at the right side of things,” she added.

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