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‘Adipurush’ lands in legal bother for hurting religious sentiments

‘Adipurush’ haS been slapped with a legal notice for hurting religious sentiments, just days after the first teaser of the film hit the tube.

The makers have been instructed to delete certain scenes in seven days or the film faces legal action. The notice also mentions that the film is ‘Islamisation’ of Ramayana.

The notice read, “The depiction of Hindu Gods and Goddesses is being done in a wrong way in this film. In this film, Hindu Gods and Goddesses are shown in a very distorted form, wearing leather clothes and they are being seen speaking in an indecent manner. In fact, a very low level language has been used in the film which is provoking and hurting religious sentiments. There are dialogues and depictions spreading religious and caste hatred in the film. Ramayana is our history and our spirit, however, in Adipurush, Lord Hanuman is shown as a Mughal. Which Hindu bears a beard without a moustache that Lord Hanumanji has been shown to do.”

It further stated, “The film is going to spread hatred among a particular class by inciting religious sentiments in the country. This picture is being widely publicised through the Internet, which is completely harmful for our society and country. “You are making a film that hurts the sentiments of crores of Hindus. You are requested not to play with the sentiments of the people, do not stigmatize the faith of the people and depict the film as it is depicted in Ramayana and RamcharitManas.”

‘Adipurush’ releases in January 2023.