About BizAsia

BizAsia has fast established itself as a reliable media and entertainment website, making it one of the most visited websites of its type. Launched in 2001 by twin brothers Lakh and Raj Baddhan, BizAsia remains a popular source for news, information and opinions and was awarded the Best Website at the Asian Media Awards 2014. BizAsia continues to grow, with content from around the world appealing to a wide audience globally.

Lakh and Raj Baddhan both studied media and have first class honors degrees. They started BizAsia as a hobby and always retained a passion for media and entertainment. As the website evolved over the years, the team has grown and expanded to pride itself as one of the number one websites for breaking Asian media entertainment news.

To be the first choice for Asian media and entertainment news.

• Reliability
• Trustworthy
• Passion

The passionate BizAsia team

BizAsia has correspondents based around the world, with a strong core team based in the UK. The team is led by Senior Editor Amrita Tanna, who joined the website in 2010. The team prides itself on the passion it brings to delivering up-to-date news in an informative, unbiased and timely fashion. The team often provides readers with exclusive live updates from events in real-time, when events (press meets, film festivals, etc) are taking place in the UK. As well as keeping the readers informed on the website itself, the BizAsia team are also keen to engage on all social media platforms.