Abhishek Rawat on playing Manav in Sony TV’s ‘Kaamna’

BizAsia Correspondent



Sony Entertainment Television’s slice of life drama ‘Kaamna’ has managed to engage the viewers with the endearing journey of Manav (Abhishek Rawat) and Akanksha (Chandni Sharma). During the course of the show, the viewers witnessed how this middle class couple dealt with obstacles put in front of them despite their conflicting ideologies as they shift from Bhopal to Indore. With newer challenges, shocking revelations and the cliff hanger at the end of every episode has left the viewers wondering whether Akanksha’s aspirations or Manav abiding by his principles is right; making for an interesting watch. Furthermore, Vaibhav Kapoor’s (Manav Gohil) obsession for Akanksha, will create new twists and turns for the couple, especially for Manav as he finds himself in a difficult situation.

In the show, Abhishek Rawat’s character is of a simple family man who believes in living an honest life. While he is married to Akanksha who believes that money can buy happiness in the world, he does everything possible to keep her happy without going against his principles. Talking about the upcoming track where Manav takes a bribe, Actor Abhishek opens up about how love can make you do things that one swears he would never do.

He said, “There is this popular saying – “love ke liye kuch bhi karega!”. Manav Bajpai who is a straight forward man, is facing the same quandary, where he has to go against his own principles and agree to take a bribe, all because he wants to see his wife happy. Playing Manav’s character has taught me that the smallest things in life is enough to be happy and we should cherish every moment. Shooting for this particular scene did leave a weird impression on me because the feeling that one goes through when he has to bow down to do something that is against his will is really difficult and sad. It’s like as if his whole world trembled. I am sure when one watches this scene, they too will experience the same feeling. But, as the story moves forward, he will self-reflect on the man he is becoming. What he does next is something to watch out for – I would like to conclude by saying “picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!”

‘Kaamnaa’ airs weeknights at 20:30 on Sony TV.