Abhay Deol: “Glad I grew up without any social media around me”

Shyama Sudra



Known for his honesty and bluntness, Abhay Deol recently took to social media and addressed his followers about the difference between what is real and what is not, by posting two images of himself, one photoshopped and with filters, and the other just as he took it. He recently spoke to the media about how he felt about social media platforms.

“I am glad I grew up without any social media around me, there are enough insecurities that you go through while in the maturing process already, and I can’t imagine how difficult it is today,” The Asian Age reports the actor stating.

He went on to add, “So it is important for them to understand that there is fantasy and there is reality. And in a very hyper-capitalistic world, it gets more obscured. Nothing is about calling out reality in any form anymore. People today are famous for being famous.”

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