Abbas Hasan signs record deal with ZEE Music India

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The award-winning pop sensation Abbas Hasan has signed a record deal with ZEE Music India. The Canadian-French star, often dubbed Asia’s answer to Justin Bieber for his heartthrob looks and mainstream pop appeal, signed the deal with one of India’s biggest record labels, it has been revealed.

Speaking of the collaboration, the head of ZEE Music Company Anurag Bedi stated, “ZEE Music is all about finding the fresh and exciting talent of tomorrow, and we are thrilled to have Abbas Hasan as part of the ZEE Music family. His French, Spanish and other multi-lingual flavours along with his musical talent and image make him a very unique artist and we look forward to everything that is to come.”

When asked about the deal, Abbas Hasan stated, “I’m thrilled about my partnership with ZEE Music India. The team have been so amazing to work with and I can’t wait to take you all on a new journey. It’s been a really exciting year so far with a lot of hectic traveling, and I know my fans have been waiting patiently so I can now reveal that my new single is dropping towards on the 25th of July. You’ll hear about it all very soon!”

The heartthrob teased the new release on his Instagram account (@abbashasanofficial) throughout his travels with ominous words “Get Ready…” but it was not until now that he confirmed the news about his record deal and new single.

ZEE Music Company has been behind some huge soundtracks with ‘Raees’ starring Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan turning out to be a huge blockbuster.