Aamir Khan willing to make films for small screen

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan ok to swtich to small screen

While in the US, films and television are seen to be on the same level of quality, India clearly differentiates between the big screen and small screen.�� Aamir Khan has gone on record to say that he does not see a difference between the mediums and would definitely make films for the small screen if he felt the content was suited to the television audience.

���Why not, it depends on the material.�� Abroad there are HBO films like ��Game of Thrones�۪ and ��House of Cards�۪ that are made directly for TV, but are comparable to film quality.�� If I get content suitable for a film specifically for small screen, I will make it.�� Big screen or small, the content has to interest and engage people,�۝ Khan told DNA India.

Khan has been promoting a secret ��unreleased film�۪ of his the past few weeks, which is all set to air on a movies channel in India today.�� If rumours are to be believed, the film is actually a documentary titled ��The Spirit of Lagaan�۪ but as part of the promotional plan, details have not been revealed or confirmed.

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