Aamir Khan: “I never said India was intolerant”


Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has pulled back up the controversial intolerance in India subject saying that his words previously were misconstrued.

Talking at an event, Khan was cited in The Indian Express saying, ���Some could understand me and some couldn�۪t. And those who are hurt, I can understand their feelings. I would have been hurt had I been in their place because they were told something that was not true. Let me tell you that I never said that. I was born in India and I will die in India. I never thought about leaving the country. Neither Kiran nor will I think about it. In fact when I stay away from the country for two weeks I get homesick.”

Adding to his opinion about India, Khan said, ���Our Prime Minister has said unity is our strength and that one shouldn�۪t spread poison. I love my country and people who are spreading negativity, I with folded hands ask them not to do not. Unity in diversity is our main aim.”

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