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Aamir Khan disagrees with Rani Mukerji

aamir khan dhoom 3
Aamir Khan

Rani Mukerji has gone on record to say that she is unhappy with the censor board giving her recently released film, ��Mardaani�۪, an adult certificate.�� On the other hand, her good friend Aamir Khan says he disagrees with Mukerji and agrees with the censor board, as such content does not make suitable viewing for children.

���There are some words in the film that I wouldn�۪t want my children to hear and I definitely cannot show it to other kids. ��I don�۪t want children to be exposed to violence and abusive language. ��But of course, Rani may have a different opinion on it and I respect Rani highly as she is a friend,�۝ Khan said to Mid Day.

Though Mukerji understands why the film may be unsuitable for very young children, she feels children over the age of 12 would benefit from viewing the message the film offers.�� However, unfortunately India�۪s censor board do not have a 12 certificate the way countries like England do.

Starring Mukerji in the lead role, ��Mardaani�۪ hit cinemas worldwide last week.�� The Yash Raj Films�۪ production has been directed by Pradeep Sarkar.

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