Aamir Khan confirmed to play Gulshan Kumar in ‘Mogul’

BizAsia Correspondent



Aamir Khan will be playing Gulshan Kumar in the upcoming biopic based on the late T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar, titled ‘Mogul’.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Khan revealed what compelled him to finally take the role on, after many attempts to find other suitable actors. Khan stated, “Once I came on as producer, I said let’s discuss casting. I felt that I’d like to offer the film to Akshay Kumar. I was aware that things hadn’t worked out earlier between Bhushan and Akshay, but I still wanted to offer the film to him. So, I met Akshay and offered him the film. He did reconsider the offer, but things did not work out. Then I offered the film to Varun Dhawan, but he was busy with too many films. The other person I was very keen to cast was Kapil Sharma. I felt he’d pull off the character very well. But that didn’t work out either. Then Bhushan said, ‘You’ve done your best, aap puri duniya ghoom kar aa gaye ho, lekin mere father ka role karna aap hi ko hai. It’s written that you’ll be doing the film’. And the fact is that I love the script, and it’s a great role, so I said yes.”

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By Arjen Gill