Aakash Ahuja expresses “disappointment” at ‘Faltu’ going off-air on Star Plus

Azha Khan



The abrupt decision to axe ‘Faltu’ on Star Plus has disappointed not just fans but also its actors and the team behind the show.

If buzz is to be believed, ‘Faltu’ has been pulled off-air due to differences between the broadcaster and the production house. However, this has not been confirmed.

Talking openly about the decision of ‘Faltu’ going off-air, actor Aakash Ahuja told TellyBuzz, “I do not know the reason behind this. Everybody on the sets of our show has been equally startled. And if you ask me, I am not disappointed because I usually do not let these things get to me. Everything has to end with time, so it does not affect me much. However, we deserved a better ending. We have a unit of around 200 people working for us, so I feel bad for them. We will find our next projects as actors, but what about them? I think this decision was unfair, but we cannot decide. I am out of words. I do not know what the reason behind this decision was. Our numbers were good, and the audience feedback was good too.”

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He added, “I was obviously a little surprised. However, I did not react much because that is how I am in real life; this is my approach. But yes, it was a little disappointing to us. I think Star Plus could have made a better call.”

‘Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si’ starring Mohit Malik and Sayali Salunkhe will be launching in the slot currently occupied by ‘Faltu’.