9XM UK to launch mystical show in September


INX Network has announced the launch of a new mystical show set to commence on 9XM UK in September.

‘Sambhav Kya?’, a show based on true incidents that deals with the unknown experience which can be felt but cannot put a finger on to identify. Starting Monday 14th September, every Monday to Thursday at 21:30 viewers will watch some of India�۪s most fascinating mystic stories.

Each episode of ‘Sambhav Kya?’ will illustrate one mystic story containing both the reality and the recreation part of the story.
The stories of ‘Sambhav Kya?’ are woven together with a powerful narration by none other than popular documentary film-maker and TV personality Siddharth Kak. Throughout the episode, he weaves in the suspense element and adds interesting anecdotes that tickles the viewers�۪ mind. He gives an equally intriguing introduction and conclusion to each story.

Speaking on the show Siddharth Kak, producer and host, says “I am delighted to team up with 9X and present a gripping and unique show on Indian television. According to an adage, what is right for us may be wrong for others, what is fact for us may be fiction for others, what is impossible today may be possible tomorrow��_ ��Sambhav Kya?�۪ excites the imagination of people in terms of possibility, chances and the unexpected.”

Vikas Varma, Head of Content and Programming, 9X, said, “I am pleased to introduce the viewers of 9X with an entertaining and informative show. Sambhav Kya? depicts unbelievable yet true stories pertaining to the mystic world of the paranormal and inexplicable phenomena that have left science and logic baffled. Our association with an industry stalwart like Siddhart Kak makes me confident that our offering of Sambhav Kya? will receive an encouraging response from viewers across the length and breadth of the country.”

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