9XM attracts 5 million Facebook likes

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


9XM has managed to garner 5 million Facebook likes to prove its popularity on the social networking site.

According to Vibha Gosher, Sr. Vice President ��� Digital, 9X Media, the company started using social media with its Hindi Music Channel 9XM when it joined Facebook in January 2009 but had little activity or traction till December 2010. From December 2010, 9XM shifted focus to build this community.

“We attribute the growth of numbers solely to the content created for the platform. We have constantly strived to keep innovating on the properties and changed strategy from time to time to keep the audience engaged and interested. We get an average of 800 shares per post, per day”, says Gosher when asked about the traction received by the Facebook fans.

9XM is not available in the UK after two unsuccessful stints on the Sky digital TV platform.