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60 Second Intl. Film Festival Screening to be held for first time in London

BFI Southbank, London 60SIFF announced the launch of its seventh 60 Seconds International. Film Festival (60SIFF), with a much-awaited debut in the UK in April 2019. The opening screening of 60 Second Intl. Film Festival (60SIFF) will be held in London on 21st April at BFI Southbank. This event is being sponsored by Alliance Advertising and Marketing.

The event marks the screening of films received on 60SIFF digital platforms on their website, the callout lead to a number of 804 distinctive film submissions from 70 different countries across the globe.

Since its inception in 2012, the Festival has grown leaps and bounds, celebrating stories told through a myriad of genres and a common love for storytelling with a lens. The festival started with the simple idea of building bridges through film and bringing global communities together, while empowering vibrant young minds with only access to a camera to share their powerful stories. 60SIFF started as a platform to inspire young filmmakers in Pakistan and now has grown into an annual showcase of ideas and imagination across continents, bringing together a community of hundreds of filmmakers and thousands of indie filmlovers from around the globe.

Mr. Faheem Farooqui speaking on behalf of Alliance Advertising and Marketing the main sponsors and promoters of the event stated that “events like these represent the true values of Alliance. Its our pleasure to help give a platform to the rising talent via 60SIFF, by celebrating the diversity and creativity of these youth we can jointly pave way to a more tolerant and integrated society”

Since its inaugural run, 60SIFF has brought to screen a pool of riveting and incisive stories – all framed within 60 seconds – on a wide range of themes and categories: from entertainment and humour to love and longing, films that delve deeper into questions of race and identity, challenging cultural norms, stories of social justice, environment, empowerment, human rights, and human triumph.

Speaking about the success of the 7th round of 60 Second Intl. Film Festival, Abrar Ul Hassan (Festival Director) said that, “Every year, we try to engage the masses in a constructive activity of storytelling and filmmaking, to build discourses based on thematic films of 60 seconds, which have eminent value in promoting the culture, art and most importantly, global ties.”

It goes without saying events like 60SIFF are a breath of fresh air in the UK South Asian media scene and we will be eagerly looking forward to it and it’s subsequent events for years to come